Unbox Love: Romantic, Surprise Date Delivery Service

Relationships are hard work, whether you have been part of a couple for a couple of months, or a couple of decades. Keeping the spark alive is easier said than done, and as two people get to know each other completely, managing to surprise each other is tough. Of course, with effort, a relationship does not need to fizzle and lose what it had during its early days.

Unbox Love helps couples maintain the same level of attraction and intimacy that they had when their relationship was new, and also helps them continue to surprise each other. This business offers delivery of surprise packages once a month that contain date ideas and other necessary items. The business is new, with the first surprise deliveries going out at the end of March for April's date. So, unfortunately, there are not yet detailed examples of what exactly is in an Unbox Love delivery. But, the current price is $50 per month for the subscription.

Unbox Love FoundersUnbox Love Founders

Unbox Love recommends only opening their monthly delivery when couples are together and ready to participate in the date activity. With that in mind, what could be a neat addition to make that experience even better would be to include a brief description on the outside telling couples what time of day would be best for the date, and what type of apparel would be appropriate to wear. Then couples really can wait until the last second to know what they're doing, making it an even better surprise!

The subscription date in the box is the first offering that Unbox Love has introduced. However, they promise that this is only the beginning of their enterprise, and providing options at different price points are part of their future plans. So far, their customers seem pretty impressed with the service.

What do you think? Is this a business service you would use to spice up your love life?

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