Unchill Yourself With The Unparka

It's almost winter and it's the time to shop for a new winter coat. But maybe what you needed all along wasn't a coat at all. Maybe it was a parka. Or an Unparka

Despite its name to the contrary, Hammacher Schlemmer's Unparka is designed to be one of the warmest jackets you'll ever wear. So warm in fact that they recommend it down to -40 F. Yes, that's a negative 40. It features double fleece and polyester layering that keeps your body heat in and  water, snow and wind out. It's designed to be warm but lightweight, allowing you the nimble movement needed in life's daily adventures. 

And since Hammacher realizes a jacket designed for extremes could get a little hot when the midday sun starts beating down, the sleeves are zippered to the body, allowing you to go from jacket to vest in seconds. Other than that, it's got a number of standard features: three pockets, elastic cuffs, drawstring waist and a high, protective collar. 

The Unparka offers big warmth at a little price: you can find it today for under 80 bucks. You can buy the Unparka here.