'Under Hair Template' Keeps Japanese Girls Fit & Trimmed


The Under Hair Template is pretty much a self-descriptive label but let's dissect its meaning just in case some poor confused soul sticks one to their forehead. These peel & stick shapes are meant to be applied not under the hair, but to one's "under hair"... ahh, I see you nod knowingly.

Here's a video from Japanese TV showing various brands of these designer hair accessories being introduced to a selection of Japanese women, who seem to handle the revelation (and the actual products) with a mildly surprising lack of shock & awe:

Those thick in the thatch and searching for a surefire method of balanced hair removal - not hair replacement - can choose from a variety of outlines including "V-line" triangles, hearts, the classic landing strip and something that appears to be a keyhole. Nice. (via 3Yen)