Underskin Digital Tattoos Are The Next Wearable Tech

Wearable tech is becoming more and more popular. With inventions like FitBit and the Apple Watch, society is getting used to having tiny computers on demand. As wearable tech continues to advance, we move farther away from phones and laptops and closer to technology that's always on hand. Underskin takes that quite literally.

Underskin Digital Tattoo: Source FastCodeDesignUnderskin Digital Tattoo: Source FastCodeDesign

The in-the-makings digital tattoo would be placed under the skin on the hand and interact with whatever you touch. NewDealDesign, the consultancy agency behind FitBit, was curious about what wearable tech would look like beyond the wrist. It looks like Underskin. The smart tattoo would work based on the body's electro-chemical energy and would always be on. The tattoo would be able to complete basic tasks like unlocking doors and alerting its user to low blood sugar.

 Underskin isn't just about completing tasks. It is a tattoo after all, the most obvious form of expression we where on our bodies. Underskin will be aware of the location and gestures of your hand and will be able to contextualize these movements, taking this digital tattoo to a whole new level of wearable tech. Your tattoo will change appearance between giving your friend a high five and holding your lover's hand. 

Although just an idea right now, NewDealDesigns believes they could build Underskin within the next few years. Wearable tech has been growing exponentially, and Underskin could be the next big thing.  Are you ready to have technology so on hand that it's literally on your hand?

Source: Fast Company Design