Underwater Cell Phone System Lets You Speak, Hear & Sea

"Have you ever wanted to make or receive a phone call underwater?" Well yes, yes I have... that one time at overnight camp when I thought I was drowning in Moose Lake. Since then, not so much - but it's a huge relief to know that modern technology has got all the bases covered, even if they're covered by 20 feet of water. Global warming? Meh... as long as I can chat with my buds & babes, it's all good.

The geek-tastic technology in question here is the Alpha UWCP Underwater Cell Phone System and I, for one, am glad it's out of beta. For the low, low sum of $1,790 budding Captain Nemo's can make & take calls while swimming with the fishes. That's really something, as performing the former formerly led to the latter.

What would an underwater phone conversation sound like, anyway? Perhaps something like this: "Honey, don't forget to bring home milk, bread and something for dinner... (blub blub blub)... what's that?... (blub blub)... sure, salmon's fine."

Your $1,790 buys you a full face mask with hose and 1st stage underwater communication unit, a 40 meter (131 feet!) long cable with a waterproof connector, a waterproof interface box for your cell phone (NOT included, by the way) with integrated Bluetooth, and lastly an inflatable buoy with flags... so rescuers will know where to find your waterlogged carcass. (via SkyMall)

UPDATE: This item is no longer available. We'll just have to live with Lifeproofing Our Phones.

Dec 4, 2009
by Anonymous


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Feb 11, 2011
by Anonymous

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