Underwater Treadmill For Your Running Needs

You know what's even harder and more grueling than running? Running under water. And when it comes to exercising and cutting fat, more grueling tends to equal more effective. So why not run under water and give yourself a tiring workout.

All you need is a pool and this Aquabilt Pool Treadmill. Actually, all you really need is a pool, because I've never been inside a pool that didn't have enough room to run from side to side. But, if you want to add a little more order to your underwater running routine, a waterproof treadmill could be the ticket. 

There's no motorized equipment inside, so you don't have to worry about it breaking down. On the minus side, that seems to mean it's basically just a moving belt that you stand on. Fine for 100 bucks, but kind of like being raped by a gorilla for $1,300. For that kind of money, I'll hire a topless model to sit by the edge of the pool and give me some real motivation for getting into shape. 

On the plus side, it's lower impact on your joints than a traditional treadmill. But I'd think that just running underwater would be equally low impact. 

You can find the Aquabilt Treadmill at Amazon. 

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