Underwear Innovation: Unmentionables Gain Honorable Mention

 Face it. We have all been there at one time or another. There is that terribly awkward moment when an accident occurs and you need to change your underwear and there's no place to go, at least in that immediate moment. Slick Clicks has developed an intimate apparel collection that is able to solve every woman's underwear-changing needs. (How many there could be remains to be seen.)


Change of Underwear: Source  Roohi Photography/ShutterstockChange of Underwear: Source Roohi Photography/Shutterstock


There are those among us who shall remain nameless who  can pull off a bra without removing a blouse in seconds, but how many of them could do the same thing with their underpants? That, dear ladies (and gentlemen) is the question at hand. The answer is many more than you might think if they are wearing underwear from the Slick Chicks collection that feature hook and eye closured that can literally pull the pants off you in just a few seconds.


Slick Chicks Undies: Source 973FMSlick Chicks Undies: Source 973FM


 Slick Chicks Designs and Helya Mohammadian

Leaning more toward the functional than the frilly, this unique underwear collection comes in three styles; bikini brief, thong and boyshort. They are moderately priced and available for sale at slickchicksonine.com.
Designed for the woman who is always on the go, the idea for them was born one day after an indoor cycling class when brand founder, Helya Mohammadian, found herself feeling unclean with a need to change her underwear. But waiting in line for a shower or using an overcrowded and often smelly locker room to change, especially with that uncomfortable feeling 'down there' can be both unpleasant and uncomfortable. It was then that it clicked in the mind of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) graduate from the small town in northern Louisiana that there was  a need for easily removable underwear.

And so Slick Chicks was born, becoming both an essential product for her gym bag and her everyday life.

Settling in New York City at the tender age of 21, Helya's love and passion for sketching lured her to the fashion industry. She interned for a few design houses, including Cynthia Rowley and Caroline Herrera. These jobs led her to the position of Assistant Personal Shopper at Bergdorf-Goodman. Here she made important connections, interfacing with celebrities and socialites and the upper crust of New York's Upper East Side. She was soon hired to join the customer support team at Gilt Groupe, a well-known, startup e-commerce company which features online invitation-only access to some of the most coveted products in the fashion world.

How do these special undies work?

According to the website, these panties contain "breathable fibers and moisture-wicking, antimicrobial technology that combat common issues like accidental issues like accidental leakage, sweaty crotch or an unexpected visit from Aunt Flo." These fibers, which are made from asuper soft nylon/spandex blend, are strong enough to withstand many wash cycles. Slick Chicks underwear are designed with a gusset made of 100% cotton and feature a front panel, a rear panel and a lining. On either side of the waistband both the front and back panels include a set of hooks and eyes each side of which match up and connect for closure and to form the underwear.


Black Slick Chicks Underwear: Source: Slick ChicksBlack Slick Chicks Underwear: Source: Slick Chicks


The future of Slick Chicks

The ultimate purpose behind Slick Chicks is the desire to make women more independant. The fact that this line of intimate apparel is prouldy made in the USA with headquarters in New York City makes these underpants patriotic as well as everyhting else they offer.

Get a few pair today!

Closing thoughts on underwear:

I don't believe in the after life, although I am bringing  change of underwear. ~ Woody Allen

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