Uneven Feet: Shoe Swap For The Proportionately Disinclined

Everyone's feet are slightly different sizes, but some people find themselves proportioned so unevenly at their base that they can't even purchase a pair of shoes, because there will always be one foot that's the wrong size. To address this issue, we've seen companies that sell shoes by the singles, and another is trying something different by offering shoe swapping.

Uneven FeetUneven Feet

While it can be argued that companies that sell shoes by the singles are not just in the market for those who are disproportionate, but also for those who wear out one shoe more than the other, lose one part of the pair, or even those that don't have enough feet to fill out a pair of shoes. Uneven Feet is a company designed for the sole purpose of helping those with uneven feet (if you didn't get that from the name already).

Uneven Feet is a forum where people can post the shoes they have, and the sizes that they have them in so that a little bit of shoe swapping and trading can take place between the proportionately disinclined.

You might not think so, but this company has even attracted quite a lot of users - so next time you think you're alone with your uneven foot issue, you're not, and there are solutions.

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Jan 29, 2010
by Anonymous


Full disclosure: I started the site.

OddShoeFinder.com is a free site that not only allows users to find their "sole" mates, but also allows people to post and search for mismatched shoes posted by other users. Users can search for only shoes within their own country if they wish. Most users are from the US, but there are sizable contingents from the UK and Canada, and smaller numbers of users from Brazil, Australia, etc.