The Unfashionable Solution To Male Pattern Baldness: The Flair Hair Toupee Visor

For those men in our lives who are self conscious about their hair loss, a new, not so fashionable item is available on the market which is a sad step up from many cheap toupees. The Flair Hair Toupee Visor serves two fundamental purposes; it covers up that bald dome of yours, and shields your eyes from the sun! What doesn't it do? Well, that's obvious; it just doesn't make you look very cool.

Great for those with "bad hair" days or "no hair" days, the Flair Hair Toupee Visors come in a variety of visor colors, and the hair-piece sections are available in blonde, black, brown and grey. While the messy-hair look may be a little too contemporary for many men in the "no hair club"; to each his own, but do choose a color that will look natural or risk making a rather unfashionable statement.

At least with the Flair Hair Toupee Visor, those unsightly cheap toupee seams are hidden by the visor, and then there's the added benefit of sun protection; no?