Unf**ken Believeable, SwearJarr Cleans Up Twitterville, One Cuss Word At A Time

Better than washing your mouth out with soap, the digital age is putting its own 21st Century spin on a time-honored tradition. What's old is new again, if you can't control the language you tweet in 140 characters or less.

Several decades back, many of us grew up in family households that abided by the time-honored tradition of "swear jars," where cuss words came with a price tag - that is, if you or family member let go of an F-bomb or one of George Carlin's "Seven Words You Can't Say On TV," you were required to ante up a donation for the swear jar.

Now, if you think that concept is "so last century"- think again- as SwearJarr.com is a new Twitter client that is looking for you to contribute to some worthy charities, based on your proclivity for profanity.

If you're not quite sure of the dynamics of how the swear jar works, check out this funny Budweiser commercial that supposedly inspired SwearJarr.com to start cleaning up Twitter's fouler tweets.

The way it works for swearing tweeters at SwearJarr.com is based on the honor system. Users determine how much they will contribute for each cuss word they tweet and then in turn for every violation, those funds will become donations that are split between two charities. Payment is conducted seamlessly via PayPal, and the selected charities change each month. This month the proceeds go to "Stand Up To Cancer," and "Malaria No More."

With only two days into the program, there is a total of $2,083.75 accumulated and it appears that Kevin "too wide to fly Southwest" Smith and Andy Dick are two of the celebrities racking up the most 'tainted tweets.' I surprised Christian Bale didn't sign up for the program yet?

Celebrity Swear TweetersCelebrity Swear Tweeters

The site estimates that, on average, there are 475,000+ swear words bantered  around the Twitterverse daily, which means that the current total should scale handily as more of the Twitterati admit to their swearing ways.

For those that remember the classic George Carlin routine or want to hear it for the first time, here is the 10:38 minute monologue that is as hilarious today as it was back in 1972.

But remember if you cuss along with George, you might want to donate the proceeds to a worthy cause.