Unforgettable Eco-Egg Hunting For Grown-Ups

I went on an early eco-egg hunt online this month. Guess what I found? I found a giant egg skyscraper eco-resort, a fair trade chicken, a solar powered rabbit building, an egg "tie" dying kit, and an innovative egg shaped eco-washing machine. Take a look.


Giant Eco-Egg Resort


via GMS Designvia GMS Design


This giant egg shaped hotel concept you see above is called the Envision Green Hotel and was designed Richard Moreta Architecture. The eco-resort contains indoor gardens, uses recycled rainwater for usage of water inside the hotel. The hotel is also part wind tower. It even changes color at night to show time change.



Eco-Egg Washing Machine


via bbs.cdqss.comvia bbs.cdqss.com


The translation for this didn't work as well as I hoped, but from what I could understand this egg is an eco-friendly washing machine that can be used to wash small delicate loads such as baby clothes, lingerie, etc. The mini eco-egg washing machine is energy saving and money saving. Also, unlike the few other mini washing machines available on the market today this little machine does have a rinse cycle and can be hooked up to any faucet.


Fair Trade Eco-Chicken


via worldofgood.ebay.comvia worldofgood.ebay.com

A fair trade company in South Africa makes this brightly colored orange chick with recycled plastic sheeting from parade floats. The eggshell the chick is in is made with papier-mâché can wrappers and is made by employees with HIV/AIDS.



Egg Tie-Dying Kit


via Mahar Drygoodsvia Mahar Drygoods


With this Mahar Drygoods Tie-Dye Eggs Kit old ties can be used to dye eggs. The kit includes old recycled ties, twist ties, fabric wrappers, and simple instructions a kid can follow. All of the materials can be reused over and over again and the eggs take on a fade color and pattern of the tie used.



Recycled and Solar Powered Rabbit Building


via Expo 2010via Expo 2010


The giant rabbit building concept designed by Carlos Marreiros architects for the Macau Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo of 2010 will be constructed of recycled material. It will also have solar panels and a rain collection system. The rabbit's head and tail will be made of balloons and will me made to move up and down to attract visitors to the building.

I'm quite the hunter, if I do say so myself. The prizes inside the giant egg alone would last me a lifetime. Now, how do I fit these treasures into my basket? Where do I even find a basket that size?