UniBrush – The Only All-In-One Toothbrush

UniBrush - Makes Brushing Your Teeth That Much Easier!UniBrush - Makes Brushing Your Teeth That Much Easier!

Isn’t it great when someone creates a product to make our lives easier? Researchers at Apol, Inc. have designed the UniBrush, which is a toothbrush that holds toothpaste inside the handle.

The toothpaste cartridge holds up to 40g of paste in the brush, which is enough for 15 days. Once the toothpaste runs out, you just replace it with another cartridge.

The rechargeable brush works by containing a pumping ball that releases compressed air from inside the cartridge to the grip of the brush.

A Silicon duct, located in the bristles, opens up and dispenses the toothpaste. Through continuous air pressure, the pumping ball makes the duct open to allow a continuous stream of toothpaste to come out and evenly distribute throughout your mouth.

The company states that this would cut down on germs, since sharing tubes of toothpaste is likely to be pretty unsanitary.

From their site: “UniBrush with the Injection During Brushing (IDB) method, applies a fixed rate of paste continuously onto the surface of your tooth during brushing.”

It doesn’t look like this product is out yet, but it is a clever idea. This would be great for travelers. Plus, being all-in-one, you wouldn’t have to mess with tubes of toothpaste. I’d probably buy one of these, what about you?

Apol, Inc. via CraziestGadgets


Jun 2, 2009
by Anonymous

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I have been using a version of this I bought in Japan for over a year now called the Marco.