Unifiller's Cake Decorating Robot Is Probably The Sweetest Thing You'll Ever See

I'm hardly a decrepit old man (I'm still young enough to feel invincible), but I remember a time where machine-made food was obviously inferior to the stuff prepared with a human touch. In those days, factories were no place to make anything that wasn't processed (read: anything that didn't contain 8,000 different chemicals and enough calories to give you a heart attack after a few bites). In those days, our grandparents were always the master of the culinary craft, preparing meals and desserts that would cause a five-star chef to nod their approval.

The times, they're a-changing.

Today, I witnessed what might well be the dawn of a new era - and I'm still not entirely certain how to feel about that. See, there's this company called Unifiller. They're an organization that designs machines and tools for chefs and bakers the world over - hardware that streamlines food preparation. On the surface, it's a noble pursuit - making food is hard work, and anything one can do to make the process a little more efficient without sacrificing quality is welcome. 

But they've gone too far.

They've created a robot - known as TSI-B - which is capable of decorating cakes as well as (if not better than) a human baker. This ghoulish machine threatens to upset a delicate balance that's held for years. If it were to become self-aware, it could put entire bakeries out of business. 

It can do pretty much everything - create decorative designs, coat cakes in icing, even squirt filling into sponge cake. And it does it all with perfect precision. Terrifying, isn't it? Pretty soon, we might event start seeing robots to replace kindly old grandmothers, too. 

Or maybe not. 

Yeah, I'm just being facetious. This invention is far from frightening, obviously - it's actually pretty incredible. If it wasn't very clearly designed for use strictly in a business setting, I might even want to pick one up myself. Of course, there's no way something like that would ever fit in my kitchen - that place is so microscopic, it can barely even hold a single human being. 

Anyway, that's neither here nor there. Unifiller's cake decorating robot looks pretty awesome, and will probably serve as something of a godsend for bakeries the world over. You can check out the rest of Unifiller's gear by visiting their official website. Apparently, they're also going to be at the Gulfood Manufacturing Conference in Dubai This November, from the ninth to the eleventh. Y'know, if...food prep is your thing.