Uniqlo Showcases Tokyo 2009 Collection With Interactive Online Runway

Uniqlo is a Japanese design house that goes the extra mile to make sure that fashion lovers get a good look at their clothes. Their website is one of the most innovative spotted to date, with an interactive fashion runway that's just as good as being at a runway show with one added perk.

Interactive Style ShowcaseInteractive Style Showcase

With Uniqlo's interactive runway, you can choose the looks from the Tokyo 2009 Collection that you'd like to see walk the runway. Initially, you get a birds-eye view as the models begin your walk, but by highlighting them individually, you get more information about the fashion pieces in the collection. Best of all, the video is in 3D an filmed from a number of angles that really make you feel like you're sitting in the audience of an international Fashion Week show!

Interactive RunwayInteractive Runway

The only downside about Uniqlo's interactive technology is that if you really love fashion, you might find yourself staring at their website for days, so you might need to line up an interventionist in advance.

Via: DigitalBuzz http://www.digitalbuzzblog.com/uniqlo-interactive-runway-tokyo-2009/