Uniqlo 'UV Cut' Hooded Shirts Say 'Hands Off' to Ultraviolet Rays

Uniqlo's "UV Cut" line of casual summer clothing is designed to filter 90% of the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays but that's not all: the clothing giant's long sleeve hooded shirts and cardigans are styled to cover and protect areas not covered by traditional shirts, blouses and pullovers - like the backs of the wearer's hands.

Check out the UV Cut Full Zip Long Sleeve Hoodies and Cardigans priced at £19.99 to £24.99 each. Notice something odd about the extra-long sleeves?

Each one has a “Finger Hole” - an oblong slit you poke your thumb through. Doing so anchors the base of the sleeve, allowing the UV Cut material to ride up over the backs of the wearer's hands.

The backs of our hands typically receive more sunlight than other parts of the body. Not only are they rarely covered in warm weather, activities such as sports, outdoor recreation, even driving a car with your arm resting on the door frame offer abundant opportunities for UV exposure – and even worse, overexposure.

While hats with “skirts” to protect the back of the neck have caught on in recent years, the backs of the hands have received less attention – perhaps because the ergonomics just haven't been right. Uniqlo is taking a bold step in the direction of UV protection by offering their comfortable, workable finger-hole sleeves as an adjunct to their popular UV Cut line of casual summer clothing. (via Walker Plus)