Unique Christmas Advent Calendar Provides Secret Santa Service

Advent calendars are a part of many people's fondest holiday memories. Now, Charles & Marie offers an advent calendar gone secret Santa service that delivers 24 unique, designer gifts right to your door at the beginning of December for you to open beginning December 1st through Christmas Eve.

Prices for this year's calendars are not posted on the site without registering and placing an order. However, last Christmas they offered two versions; the Luxe version at 1,350 EURO ($1,800 USD), or the more economical Cosmopolitan version for 500 EURO ($600 USD).

The products of course remain a surprise, even if you have purchased the advent calendars for yourself. So, well you will never know what's coming; they like to guarantee it will be something special. Orders consist of a selection of Charles & Marie's hand selected products from all around the world, and they pride themselves on choosing items that are not only high quality but also unique. They have an old-fashioned approach to retail, and prefer distributing items without the big name brand labels and support up and coming designers and talent that are found by their creative directors around the world.

On a regular day-to-day basis, when the advent calendar isn't a main feature, Charles & Marie's site features just one product available to the public coined the ‘Soup du Jour'; with two days advanced notice of the date it will become available so people don't miss its sale. There are also a number of items on the Curated section and, for the select few who have been granted access to the closed areas of the site, there is even more. That is, if you have been deemed a VIP and are allowed past the virtual velvet rope.

Charles & Marie offers shipments all around the world, with two major distribution centers; one in San Diego, California and the other in Europe. For the right price, they will get your shipment to you as fast or as slow as you need it.

Check out their unique version of the advent calendar for holiday gift ideas, or visit their site to learn more about how Charles & Marie support other small businesses with their own.

Via: Springwise.com

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