Unique Concepts From The Geneva Motor Show

On March 6th, the Geneva Motor Show opened its doors to the world. Some of the hottest new designs from the best automotive minds were waiting inside. Here are just some of the most unique and eye-catching designs.


The X-Bow is KTM's first production vehicle. It features a super-lightweight monocoque shell attached to a stiff suspension and wide tires. 240HP from a TFSI (Turbocharged Fuel Stratified Injection) 4-cylinder reaches the rear wheels through a 6-speed manual gearbox. Prices should be around $61,500.


The Nano has been in and out of the spotlight since the project began a few years ago. The little car is the cheapest date, at $2,500 and achieves an average of 50mpg. Production was set to start mid-January this year.

Smart Fortwo and McLaren SLR

I'm not going to say they go together like peanut-butter and jelly, but hey, what can you do? This is a 2-for-1 combo from the mind of Brabus Automotive featuring the wildly fast SLR and the more modest Smart Fortwo. Both have been slightly modified and are wearing matching coats. Together they cost $1,063,500

Morgan LIFEcar

Another quick visit to the 1930's inspired emissions free concept from Morgan. Power is provided from a 4-stack Hydrogen Fuel-Cell from which the only byproduct is water. No plans have been announced in terms of production, but Morgan is adamant that the technology is here and it is very possible to do.

Italdesign Quantara

A far cry from the Giugiaro Mustang that was ever so beautiful, the Quantara looks more like something from the next installment of Back To The Future. Power comes from a 3.3-liter Hybrid V6, goes through a constant velocity transmission and moves all 4 wheels. Fortunately, this has been named a "design study" and no production plans are afloat.

a.d. Tramontana

The Tramontana is basically a Formula-1 race car available to the public, not unlike the Caparo T1 and more recently the Caterham RS-7. Behind the passenger lies a 5.5L TwinTurbo V12 putting 550HP to the rear wheels. The driver also has the option to flip a dashboard switch and net an additional 170hp, making total available output a (devious grin) 720hp.

Rinspeed Squba

As promised, the submersible Lotus was swimming at Geneva. Originally an idea from James Bond's "The Spy Who Loved Me," the Squba is a true engineering marvel. Powered by 3 electric motors and "zero-emissions" Lithium-Ion batteries, the Squba can cruise on the surface or submerge in up to 10 feet of water. Oxygen to the driver and passenger is provided by tanks in the rear of the vehicle. Definitely want to try one of these out.

Sbarro Pendolauto

A design from the Swiss automobile and motorcycle design company called Sbarro. The Pendolauto leans into corners like a motorcycle, by has 4 independent wheels like a car/quad. The design allows for the exciting feel of a sportbike, while offering an increased amount of stability, and therefore safety, more prevalent in the car realm. Sadly, no such luck with getting one to the States. Guess we have to stick to the Dodge Tomahawk.

Pick your favorites and check back for more from the 2008 Geneva Motor Show.

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Mar 8, 2008
by Anonymous

The Quantara looks awesome.

The Quantara looks awesome.

Mar 13, 2008
by Anonymous

Morgan Life Car

Absolutely gorgeous. Up along the BMW Mille Miglia concept in the looks stakes.