Unique Eco-friendly Gardening Containers For inside or Outside The Home

Container gardens do not have to be ordinary nor stationary. Plants can grow just about anywhere, if you want them too. With a little imagination you could even have your plants growing out of unique containers like the ones below.



Dominatrix Planter


via Etsy seller giddyspinster'svia Etsy seller giddyspinster's


I've seen various types of plants growing out of an old pair of men's boots and have considered using shoes for planters as part of my container garden, but never did I imagine taking a pair of dominatrix shoes and turning them into a plant container. What does this say about a gardener willing to use dominatrix shoes for gardening? You are not afraid to recycle anything in the love of gardening. 


Solar Powered Plant Pot


via Palsciencevia Palscience

During the day a container garden can be seen well and admired but at night this can become difficult. With a Solar Powered Plant Pot the plant and the rest of the garden can be seen well. All it takes is a bit of sun light the pot absorbs during the day. That light is stored as energy in a battery inside the pot. At night the battery powers the LEDs inside the pot and the pot gives off a nice glow.




Roly Poly Pot


via Yanko Designvia Yanko Design

The Roly Poly Pot is ideal for the gardener without a green thumb or for parents who want to teach their kids how to properly care for plants. The pot slowly tips over when the plant begins to run out of water. The pot has monitor built in the pot to detect soil moisture. There is also a balancing system inside the pot and the water is used as a counterweight.


Business Card Container

via Inhabitatvia Inhabitat

The designer of this Business Card Container designed a card that would inspire clients to keep the business card on the table. The card is dipped in water and then it grows alfalfa or cress from inside the card. I would assume the problem with this innovative idea would be when the plant grows too long the card can no longer be seen. Then will I still remember the business name on the card?


Purse Planters

via wollypocket.comvia wollypocket.com

This innovative Purse Planter idea combines the love for fashion and gardening. The container is a purse. The plant is stored in the purse and then taken with you everywhere you go. Show your friends and family how much you love your plants. 

Remember all it takes is a little imagination. What can you turn into a planter? The right containers and the right plants can make an ordinary container garden into something wonderful.