Unique Eco-friendly Winter Ornaments To Warm Up Your Home

There is just something so special about a finding a unique and eco-friendly ornament. They seem to be filled with love and it is easy to tell a lot of time and thought went into making them. Take a look at the festive and unique list of eco-friendly winter ornaments below.



1. Eco-friendly Ornaments: Mini Wooden Snowflakes

via www.etsy.comvia www.etsy.com


These tiny snowflakes ornaments are laser cut from a variety of sustainably harvested Wisconsin woods. They are then finished with non-toxic & food safe oil. This protects the wood's natural beauty as well as protects the wood. Even the box and ribbon are eco-friendly. The ribbon is made from recycled soda bottles.


2. Eco-friendly Ornaments: Reindeer

via www.lovi.fi/en/shop.htmlvia www.lovi.fi/en/shop.html


This layered reindeer ornament is made in Finland from thin sustainable birch plywood. The pre-cut pieces come in a package with instructions to assemble. "Size (in the middle): 8 cm?Cards size: 12.5 cm x 23 cm". The reindeer ornaments come in three colors: natural wood, white or grey.


3. Eco-friendly Ornaments: Orange Peel Angel



This citrus inspired ornament is by far my favorite ornament of the year. The angel ornament is made from dried orange peel, jute and feathers and is 8 inches high. It was made by Artisans of Piel Acida Cascaras de Naranja in Colombia.




There is very little information about this handcrafted snowflakes, except that they are made from recycled aluminum. Each snowflake comes with a wire-mounting loop. They are also sold in sets of 3s.


5. Eco-friendly Ornaments: Light bulb Penguin Ornaments



Artist Robyn Warne's paints ornaments all year long. She made these penguin ornaments out of old light bulbs. She was inspired from an article she read about with a similar craft.
Then... take a look at this interesting idea about a colorful ornament wall tree. Random objects are placed on the wall into a tree wall design. It reminds me of the Valentine framed key made with random objects. Also, click here to see last year's list of unique recycled ornament.


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