Unique Fast Food Wedding Venues: McDonalds Says 'I Do'

Deciding on a wedding venue is a personal choice. Some prefer the tradition of a church or the whimsy of a beach. Others like to host their ceremony or reception while taking a walk on the wild side while deep sea diving or bungee jumping. Unique wedding venue trends have caused all different sorts of businesses to offer wedding related services, and the latest may surprise you!

Unique Wedding VenuesUnique Wedding Venues

One McDonalds location in Hong Kong claims to have received so many inquiries about wedding hosting that they have decided to begin offering their location as a venue. They will 'cater' the event, and can accommodate weddings of various sizes. There is, however, one major catch; they won't be closing the restaurant to the public when a wedding is taking place. That means alcohol will not be served, and as the bride and groom say 'I do', there could be a few strange children running rampant ready to spill their orange crush right down the front of the bride's white dress. 

McDonalds WeddingsMcDonalds Weddings

Hey, it wouldn't be my choice,  but if there's a demand for it, I guess Mcweddings are in!


Jun 9, 2012
by Anonymous

McDonalds is a nice venue

McDonalds is a nice venue for wedding..I'd also like to choose this place for my wedding too.