Unique Fire Pits Are Custom Art For Your Yard Or Patio

There is nothing like sitting around a fire on a summer night, talking with friends and family, and maybe toasting a few marshmallows. While this has long been common practice on camping trips, it is nice to be able to do it at home as well -- thus the invention of the fire pit. While these fire pits are nice, they can be so much more. Just ask Melissa Crisp. She won't just tell you, she will show you. She is an artist who is creating fire pits as works of art.

Fire Pit by Melissa CrispFire Pit by Melissa Crisp

Her designs depict a variety of woodland and nature scenes, as well as patriotic themes. Many of her woodland scenes resemble these areas in wildfire and indeed many of them are named for wildfire. It shows the awesome beauty that can sometimes be seen in a wildfire without the horror of destruction.

Fire Pit by Melissa CrispFire Pit by Melissa Crisp

Other designs reflect other forms of light in nature, such as "Alpenglow" representing a mountain sunset. "Hidden" depicts two angel silhouettes alive with the light from the fire. "Another Day in Paradise" illuminates palm trees. 

 "Alpenglow" Fire Pit by Melissa Crisp"Alpenglow" Fire Pit by Melissa Crisp

All of the fire pits are made in America of American steel that is ¼" thick and has an iron oxide patina. Each fire pit is hand cut and comes with a metal plate bearing the number of the piece. Crisp's designs are inspired by the north woods of Minnesota where her mother grew up. She uses a plasma cutter to carve her designs out of the metal.  It is a functional form of art that will last a lifetime and bring pleasure to everyone you invite to your home. It will become the center focal point for your outdoor living space.

 Fire Pit by Melissa CrispFire Pit by Melissa Crisp

Crisp's husband, Jason, is a welder and has his hand in creating the fire pits as well. It is a family business that also includes her parents and aunt.

Fire Pit by Melissa CrispFire Pit by Melissa Crisp

Each pit comes with a rain drain to keep it from collecting water, and is designed for burning wood. The pits can be refitted for gas is you prefer (kit not included).  The fire pits are guaranteed not to rust in your lifetime. If you choose to place your fire pit on a wooden deck it is recommended that you place it on something like paving stones to prevent burn marks on the wood.

Custom designs can also be created for you upon request and for an extra fee. Free shipping is offered on all fire pits for the contiguous 48 states. Please check fire restrictions in your area before purchasing.

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