Unique, Inspiring and Sustainable Menorahs

For anyone out there looking for a green Menorah take a look at the list of eco-friendly Menorahs below. Some of the Menorahs are elegantly green. Other Menorahs use green technology to light up the candles. While some Menorahs on the list just remind us to use what we have and work with it. They're all inspiring.



via http://eco-artware.com/via http://eco-artware.com/

This recycled Menorah, made by sculptor Richard Miller, has stone cores salvaged from the artist's other designs. It also has a stainless steel base that holds 9 stone candleholders. It comes with a box of 44 blended paraffin and beeswax candles, enough candles for 8 nights.



Olive Oil Cans Menorah

via http://www.artfulhome.comvia http://www.artfulhome.com

Jenna Goldberg is the innovative artist behind this recycled Menorah. It is made of recycled olive oil cans as well as, copper nails, mahogany, wooden beads, and brass fittings. At $600 it's a pricey recycled Menorah, but quite unique.


Recycled Glass Menorah

via http://www.vertigeglass.comvia http://www.vertigeglass.com

This Menorah looks like an ice sculpture with candle holders, but it is actually made of recycled glass. It was hand crafted by Jacques Rivard and is one of several different recycled glass Menorah designs.


via http://www.tenthousandvillages.com/via http://www.tenthousandvillages.com/

Artisans of Noah's Ark International in India made this Menorah made of recycled bicycle chains. "Noah's Ark International Exports is a fair trade handicraft marketing organization in Moradabad, India." It would make a great gift for the bike rider in the family.


Recycled Circuit Board Menorah

via http://www.challahconnection.comvia http://www.challahconnection.com

This green Menorah is made of recycled circuit boards. The energy saving LED menorah is battery operated and lights up successively. It is also shipped out in recycled materials.


via http://www.myjewishlearning.comvia http://www.myjewishlearning.com

This Menorah runs off wind power and was made by a college student from Yeshiva University, Mark Stauber. He was inspired by annoying wind tunnels in Washington Heights to do something with all that wind. So, together Mark Stauber and Raffi Holzer made a wind powered Menorah.

Here are two great article with instructions to make your very own eco-friendly Menorahs: Eco-Craft: An Eco-Friendly Menorah  and a How To: Make an Eco-Friendly Menorah.

What green Menorah inspires you?

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