Unique Jewelry Line Makes Vices Chic: Show Off Your Addiction!

Typically people with bad habits do everything they can to ensure that they're not uncovered, but more often in the media and on television, vices are almost considered trendy. A line of jewelry plays upon this and allows people to show off their vices, and just how cool they are.

Cigarette Vice NecklaceCigarette Vice Necklace

While some television shows and movies do show the harsh realities of drug and alcohol use, others joke about it and almost make it seem cool. How often have you watched a show where you see a man or woman in distress say that they need to pop a vicodin or a valium? It's around us enough that we hear it and don't even flinch anymore, though more often than not it is a reference to drug abuse.

Vicodin Vice NecklaceVicodin Vice Necklace

Well, since drug abuse and vices are becoming so trendy, there's a new jewelry line called Cast of Vices. They're simple pendants with the name of drugs listed on them including vicodin, cocaine, and a more interesting design, a snuffed out cigarette. The vice jewelry is set in silver or gold so whatever your poison is you can show it off.

Alcoholic Vice NecklaceAlcoholic Vice Necklace

Is it an ironic trend, or is making light of such serious issues going too far?

Via: Refinery 29