Unique Lego Couture: The Dress That JC De Castelbajac Built

Lego has inspired the creation of many clothing and design items since it is one of the most versatile building materials that also creates a cool effect. The Lego dress is the latest innovation in fashion that has popped up, although it's not exactly what you think, so read on.

While many fashion designers have attempted to make wearable pieces created from Lego, JC De Castelbajac loves the look but knows that fashion from Lego just isn't functional. So for those who want to get the bold look of a Lego clothing design, there's the Multi-Color Lego T-Shirt Dress which provides the look without the feel of wearing building blocks.

This novelty dress is cut to fit modern trends, with the retro feel of the bold Lego design. Is this something you'd step out of the house wearing, or are Lego designs best limited to those created by children during afternoon play time?