Yellow Treehouse: Unique Restaurant Pops-Up In A Redwood Tree!

The Yellow Treehouse near Auckland, New Zealand is among the most recent of pop-up businesses to find themselves in an unusual location. The Yellow Treehouse, which started in part as a sustainability project Pacific Environments Architects Ltd, is located up a redwood tree in a forest, and now that the restaurant project has drawn to an end, the business will hopefully be opened to the public!

Since 2008, the Yellow Treehouse has operated as a restaurant; with a view to die for due to its open concept construction with plantation polar slats that resembles a budding chrysalis from a distance. The Yellow Treehouse also offered diners a unique experience, serving anti-pasto and cocktails on the stair walkway up to the restaurant, and a wide selection of 5-star menu items and fine wines available when seated in the innovative atmosphere.

A product of Yellow Pages marketing, the Yellow Treehouse has unfortunately stopped booking tables, but new owners, Redwoods Forest plan on maintaining the whimsical venue by renting it out for corporate events, wedding and more; with the potential for public access for those who just want to gawk at the unique pop-up space.

Via: Inhabitat

Apr 14, 2009
by Anonymous

Yellow Treehouse

I understand that this is how Lothlorien got started.
Galadriel & Celeborn had a small bed & breakfast that expanded into a dayspa / corporate retreat center & it just snowballed from there.

Jun 9, 2009
by Anonymous