Unique Restaurant Serves Peanut Butter and Jelly Exclusively!

Peanut butter has forever been a staple in sandwiches that appear in lunch bags and snack tables around North America for years. But with increased knowledge about peanut butter allergies, it can be difficult to find somewhere where you can sit down to enjoy a good old PB&J sandwich, that is if you don't where to look. One restaurant franchise brings peanut butter back into the accepted mainstream, by serving nothing but peanut butter.

PB Loco Café is a restaurant that specializes in peanut butter, so no longer do peanut butter lovers have to worry about whipping out a sandwich only to receive looks of contempt from those around them. They don't just serve your typical peanut butter and jelly either. They've got four categories of sandwiches on their menu, including sweet, savory, fruit and classic.

Many of the peanut butters at PB Loco Café are flavored, to make a gourmet dining experience and put a twist on a classic lunchtime staple. One tempting sweet sandwich is the Razzle Dazzle with raspberry white chocolate PB, marshmallow and banana. For those who prefer the savory, the Wacko sandwich is strange though probably delicious with asian curry spice PB, pickles, coconut and potato chips. Fruit sandwiches like the Cinny Nilla contain actual fruit. This sandwich includes Sumatra cinnamon and raisin PB, vanilla cream cheese, apples and caramel. Or for a more classic peanut butter meal, opt instead for the Marshian (PB and marshmallow spread), or plain peanut butter with a choice of jelly flavor.

Hey, peanut butter is a food that few can live without, so you can't go wrong with a franchise like this, especially when it gives peanut butter lovers the option to indulge, for once, it a peanut-friendly zone!

Update: PB Loco Cafe is no longer open.

Jul 13, 2009
by Anonymous

Peanut Butter & Co

A couple years ago on a visit to NYC, I ate at Peanut Butter & Co which offers a similar product line. Ultimately I was kind of disappointed, the bread was very thin and firm, not soft white bread "like mom used to make."

In contrast, I was blown away by S'MAC which is a restaurant there that serves only Macaroni and Cheese in individual cast iron skillets. Yum!