Unique Sports Gear for Cyclists: Show Off Those Biker’s Muscles!

Cyclists, in all of their skin-tight, spandex fashion may have a winning advantage in their competitions with their bicycle gear, but their fashion choices don't make them stand out from the crowd. A new cycling suit, by Tomek Pietek takes the fashion of bicycle gear to a new level through entertainment and education.

The Anatomical Cycling Suit by Tomek Pietek is a skin-tight fashion wonder that's a functional wardrobe choice for serious cyclists. Its design features a complete recreation of the muscular system so while cyclists are already showing off what they've got in their spandex gear, they can also give people a glimpse of what's beneath the skin. The cyclists muscle suit is said to be an accurate anatomical recreation, and while that may serve no particular function for a cyclist, it might win them a unique nickname on the course - and maybe even the race.

Via: Boingboing