Unique Travel Agency Features Tropical Vacations Where Clothing Is Optional!

Most people like to hit the beaches in their teeniest bikinis, but if you prefer to vacation in the nude, then NFN Travel.com, a popular online travel agency for nudists, will ensure that you get to your tropical travel destination where all you need to bring is your birthday suit.

NFN Travel's online travel agency features resorts across various Caribbean destinations where clothing is neither required nor encouraged. Nudist resorts in Mexico, Jamaica, St Martin, the West Indies, Bonaire, Greece, Palm Springs and Florida that NFN Travel features doesn't require that you remain naked during your whole vacation, but they do set the scene to ensure that you are comfortable when you are vacationing in the nude. Many of the tropical resorts offer private activity areas; so whether you're playing tennis, or laying out on the beach, you don't have to worry about prying eyes gawking at your nude body.

While nudity isn't mandatory at the clothing optional resorts featured by NFN Travel's online travel agency, travelers do need to promise that at some stage during the vacation, they will try to embrace the clothing optional way. They do make exceptions, but only for people who are uncomfortable showcasing their nude bodies due to age (children can decide to be naked or not), disabilities or physical limitations.

In order to choose a naked travel destination that meets your vacation needs, NFN Travel's agency uses symbols to categorize vacations and resorts that are relaxing or those that are party hot spots. Relaxing tropical vacations are classified as "The Mild Side"; which include clothing optional and nude resorts which are laid back; allowing you to eat, drink and take in available entertainment at your own pace while in the nude. "The Wild Side" includes clothing optional and nude resorts that keep the party going all day and night with alcohol flowing, lots of guest participation activities, and lively entertainment that requires dirty dancing.

NFN Travel also features nude resort group vacations for people who want to get away to a tropical clothing optional destination or nudist resort to celebrate nudity with their family and friends. Each of the resorts have a different vibe, so naked travelers can bare their bodies at romantic vacation destinations, relax at spa resorts in the buff, complete a busy schedule of activities on the beach, or ensure everywhere they go they have a drink in the warm embrace of their naked clutches.

NFN Travel is like any other travel agency, except for one key element which should by now be evident; it deals with travelers looking to vacation at clothing optional and nudist resorts around the world. Would you branch out and take a unique vacation where you get to bare it all in the nude, without fear of indecent exposure charges?

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