Unique Wedding Ring Design Symbolizes The Harsh Realities Of Marriage

Marriage might seem like a fairy tale in the movies, but those who have tied the knot know that any relationship is not all candy and roses; that's just the reality. A real relationship has its ups and downs, and it goes through stages as it progresses. In order to reflect this, one designer has created a symbolic wedding ring.

Unique Wedding Ring - The Realities of MarriageUnique Wedding Ring - The Realities of Marriage

Ok, so while it may be reality that marriage isn't a fairy tale, it's okay to feel that ideal early on in the marriage, especially on your wedding day. With this in mind, this ring design is a little harsh and not so romantic. But for those realists out there who don't want to start their marriage off with unrealistic expectations; this ring design is perfect.

The unique and rather wacky wedding ring design by Josien Pieters from the Netherlands replicates each stage of marriage. There are three different rings; the first is a butterfly representing a blooming relationship where things are beautiful. The first stage is meant to be representative of the romance of engagement. The next ring is a cage, inarguably inferring that in reality marriage can be like entrapment. The third ring is meant for divorce, and it is a pair of pliers because it's a connection that needs to be broken with a little bit of prying.

Marriage might not be perfect - but everyone has their own idea about what perfection is even in reality where romance and rage (on occasion) might be hand-in-hand. It's an interesting concept, but just not one that I would embrace personally. Besides, if you're one who feels trapped in your marriage, then don't you think a classic wedding ring would have the same meaning? Is it really necessary to have a literal reflection of these feelings?

Via: Trendhunter