'United Breaks Guitars' Music Trilogy Now Complete With Debut of Song #3

Even though United Airlines donated $3000 to the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz and Taylor Guitars ponied up a couple of replacement guitars, Dave Carroll is following through with his original promise to produce and record three songs dedicated to his now infamous damaged guitar incident. For those that don't know Dave, he is the songwriter/singer whose guitar was damaged on a United Airline's flight from Halifax to Nebraska last summer.

Dave CarrollDave CarrollAt 7:30PM on Tuesday, March 2, Dave premiered Song #3 in a live webcast release party at his Web site (see below). The UBG Trilogy is certainly one of the most famous examples of how social media can address a customer service issue complaint with a major brand quickly (see previous blog, "Top Ten Social Media Nightmares.") 

Now considered the model to emulate, just last week, I wrote about a similar case - this time with an Yo Yo Sears Rap by JRockYo Yo Sears Rap by JRockangry consumer that goes by the name of JRock and the less than sterling service he received from the Sears Department Store chain in Canada. In his 'rap' complaint titled "Yo Yo Sears," he berates the brand  for not addressing his concerns in a professional manner.

As a result of a YouTube posting of his music video and one blog, he received an even quicker response than Carroll, as I'm sure Sears did not want to see a trilogy of songs written about them. JRock feels he learned well from Carroll's example and has labeled the exercise SMM or Social Media Math = 1 Mad Rapper + 1 Interested Blogger + 1 Responsive Company = 1 Happy Customer

Here is Dave Carroll's complete trilogy...

Song #1

Song #2

Song #3

So hail to the Viceroy of Viral Rants
. Dave Carroll not only leveraged turning a major airline's service snafu into a social media business model, he taught the world you don't have to sit on the sidelines while a brand's bureaucracy holds you at bay. You can also engage in rectifying a wrong-doing and in turn become a beacon of hope for other aggrieved consumers. And if you are able to sing on key or rap on the downbeat like Carroll or JRock - all the better - because you just might be able to peddle a song or two or three at the iTunes's store.  (Note:  JRock's rap video can be found here.)

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Mar 3, 2010
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