University of Bremen Makes Ape Robot


There are plenty of robots out there that look like animals. Most of them emulate animals that are very different from the human form. They are snakes, or spiders or cats. Apes are very human like, but that does not stop researchers from making ape like robots.

A research team from the University of Bremen in Germany has made itself an ape robot. The bot, which climes around on all fours, and actually drags its knuckles on the ground on the front limbs. The robot is able to move forward, backward and side to side. The robots cost about $3.9 million to make, and the research was funded by the German Aerospace Center. The project was part of a larger project called iStruct, which features the following sensors, "Joints: Positions (absolute and relative), speed, current, supply voltage, temperature; Foot: 49 pressure sensors, a three axis acceleration sensor, one distance sensor, three absolute position sensors, one temperature sensor, and one 6DoF force-torque sensor; Spine: 2x6 Positions sensors (absolute and relative), 6x1DoF force sensors; Body: Inertial Measurement Unit, battery voltage"

Source: Huffington Post
Image: Morgue File