'Unpretentious' Portable Speaker Pillow Plays Music Via Bluetooth Connection

 The Kushion Bluetooth Speaker Pillow: Portable speaker pillow (image Kushion)The Kushion Bluetooth Speaker Pillow: Portable speaker pillow (image Kushion)


Pillows can be called a lot of things. They’ve been described as comfortable, heavenly, lumpy, worn out and even allergy or dust mite havens, but unpretentious is just not something we normally hear in relation to a device much of the world uses to cradle its head. Now, that description is being applied to a new portable pillow that doubles as a speaker. It’s not the Bluetooth pillows we’ve all become acquainted with over the past few years in the sense they’re predominantly for bedtime. This little pillow looks more like an on-the-go pillow of the type you might take on a long car trip or a flight. It’s called the Kushion, and it’s being called expressive, bold, confident, fearless and dynamic, among other things.

The Kushion

Descriptions like these sound silly when used in conjunction with something so mundane. If anything, they make the product or device sound pretentious — or at least the creators or their marketing people do. But marketing ploys like this succeed with a certain percentage of the population. You know the types: have to have the latest of everything, will stand in line for hours or days on end to be able to say they were one of the first to have it, pay too much for “it” goods and feel smug for doing it rather than embarrassed, as they should be. Regardless of the Kushion’s descriptive adjectives, this compact little speaker pillow could be just what travelers and college students are looking for in a Bluetooth speaker.

Bluetooth Speakers

So, lets cover what Kushion is besides groundbreaking, passionate, ambitious, powerful and savvy (I’m not making this up). The Kushion pillow can play music via an auxiliary connection or over Bluetooth and up to four users are able to connect to it at the same time, according to Kushion’s creators, when the portable pillow is in what’s being called "party mode." Now, let’s address the concept of portable. Weighing nearly 6 lbs. (similar to a gallon of water or milk), you can still take it with you, obviously, but it’s not like cramming one of those donut travel pillows in your knapsack or bag. Additionally, due to the fact it’s meant to project sound loud enough for others to hear, I’m not sure who would be using it as an actual pillow.

Cell Phone Chargers

While the Kushion is decidedly not “versatile,” their words, not mine, it also charges cell phones and broadcasts phone calls. I’m assuming this means amplifying calls like when you’re using speakerphone. Whether Kushion likes it or not, these two features do make it versatile to some extent. It’s odd that the manufacturers would denounce versatility and make a point of denying that it is, in fact, versatile. Without some of these added features, you’d basically have just another Bluetooth speaker, of which there are plenty. This one, however, is made of or covered in something called carbon leather. I looked it up, and carbon leather, much like Corinthian leather, appears to be a marketing ploy.

Portable Sound Systems

At this point, there is no direct Website for the Kushion. That should be happening sometime this week or next, when it’s said the company will be launching a site for consumers interested in the concept. Currently, there is no news on what kind of a price range this somewhat nonfunctional pillow (because it amplifies sound loud enough for a room full of people to hear, it’s not likely you’d be using it as a pillow to cradle your head with your ear pressed up against it) will fall into, either. While the somewhat mysterious Kushion is momentarily lacking in solid info regarding it, the makers want you to know it’s not outlandish, impulsive, impatient, intense or fanatical. Good to know!