Upcycling Gift For The Gun Happy or Anti-Gun Person In Your Life

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I think it is great that even the tiniest unexpected things can be recycled. Take empty bullet shells from shooting ranges, for example. What ever happens to these shells? Are they just thrown away? Some of them are not. Rachel Ann recycles them and turns them into Bullet Buddies.

That's right. Rachel Ann a.k.a luckyduct in her Etsy shop recycles them into cute empty bullet shells with happy faces, mad faces, worried faces, shocked faces and other not so happy faces. They have personalities. She calls them Bullet Buddies, "They are the Bullet Buddies: Empty Shells, Full of Life!" Some of her Bullet Buddies even have rhinestones embedded in their buttonholes or are gold plated. She should probably call these Sexy Buddies, but that's just my opinion.

Rachel "can even make a best friends pair, one that says "best", and one that says "friend", just for you and your BFF!"  Check out Worrisome Wendy at her Etsy shop. She truly does look worried. Some Bullet Buddies also come with signs of love and peace and can be hung from a person's neck or on a key chain if preferred. Each Bullet Buddy is unique and comes on a stainless steel chain.

If you're wondering if the empty shells are clean of gunshot residue, Rachel states in her FAQ that each, "bullet shell has been thoroughly cleaned in an ultra sonic cleaner, polished, and finished." She does suggest however, not to wear them when going through an airport. I concur.

For more information on Bullet Buddies visit BulletBuddies.com.

Via Superuse and Bullet Buddies.

Apr 25, 2009
by Lady Bee
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Cute idea!

I bet that takes a good bit of time to design and cut them!