Update Your Kitchen: Top 14 Newest Kitchen Gadgets You Really Should Try

Have you had the same old tired kitchen gadgets for years?  Why not revamp your kitchen by updating some of those kitchen essentials?

Year after year, new kitchen gadgets go on the market and it can be hard to keep up on what's hot, what's not, and what even works.  That's why I've done the job for you.

I've read the reviews, scoured Pinterest and the rest of the internet for new and trending kitchen gadgets, and came up with this fancy list of products that received rave reviews and can make your life better and easier in the kitchen.

Here are my picks for the top 14 new kitchen gadgets you really should try:


1.  Magnetic Measuring Spoons

Magnets are quickly becoming an obsession of mine and no matter how many sets of measuring spoons you own, you can always use more.  Why not snag these fun measuring spoons that double as magnets?

2.  Reusable Sandwich Bags

As an adult, I'm realizing just how essential sandwich bags are.  I use them for so many things only to mess them up and have to throw them away.  Such a waste.  These reusable sandwich bags are a much more eco friendly and cost effective option.  It's a win-win.

3.  Dish And Utensil Scrubber

I dread having to wash silverware.  It's such a tedious and time consuming job.  But not with this baby.  Doubling as a regular dish scrubber, this brush transforms into a simple yet genius utensil scrubber.  Hallelujah.

4.  Flexible Measuring Cups

These measuring cups are flexible.  That in itself makes me happy, but it's the reason why they're flexible that make this product awesome.  How many times have you made a mess trying to pour things out of a measuring cup?  For me it's all the time.  This flexible measuring cup allows you to pour more easily and precisely.  I need about five of these.

5. Roll-Up Over The Sink Dish Drying Rack

Sometimes we need to hand wash dishes when our dishwasher is full, or maybe you don't own a dishwasher, or maybe you have some produce that you need to wash and dry.  Regular drying racks can make a big mess by leaking water onto your counter but this fun over the sink rack allows water to drip directly into the sink.

6.  Reusable Food Cover

Ditch the seranwrap for these colorful and reusable food covers.

7.  Kitchen Whisk

Save more batter and make clean-up a breeze with this open-ended silicone whisk that looks like a head massager.

8.  One-Handed Paper Towel Holder

This paper towel holder is fitted with a springloaded arm that holds the roll secure when you pull down on a piece of paper towel so you can use it with only one hand.

9.  Flexible Cutting Board

These cutting boards are bendable, allowing you to neatly add the ingredients you just cut directly into a pot, pan, bag, your pocket, the possibilities are endless.

10.  Measuring Spice Rack

This spice rack (spices not included) does the measuring for you.  Newly improved from its last model, this rack comes with dials that lets you choose different amounts.

11.  Silicone Steamer/Strainer

This steamer/strainer is safe to go directly inside your pots while cooking, making it a great cooking gadget that also doubles as a strainer.  Place it in your pot, close the lid, and when you're done, the handles come back up allowing you to easily access them.

12.  Bag Resealer

I mourn for all the bags of chips I could have kept fresh with this handheld bag resealer.

13. No Odor Sponges

I feel like I'm constantly throwing out kitchen sponges because they begin to smell and I get sick just thinking about how much bacteria they've collected.  These no oder sponges have a stay fresh guarantee and they also inhibit bacteria.

14.  Rainbow Titanium Kitchen Knives

I'm going to coax you in with some shine and color.  Feast your eyes on these gorgeous titanium kitchen knives.  I bet these would make cutting a lot more fun.

 Hope you enjoyed this list of kitchen gadgets.  What's one of your oldest kitchen tools?


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