Update on the Anecia Survival Capsule - Winner of American Inventor Season One

Watching the first episode of the second season of American Inventor this week made me wonder what ever happened to season one's winner of American Inventor? I bet a lot of people are asking the same question.

The grand finale of Season One of the American Inventor show aired on May 19, 2006 and Janusz Liberkowski won the title American Inventor. Janusz is the inventor of the Anecia Survival Capsule (a safer car-seat).

About a year ago (July 2006), I provided you with my last update on the Anecia Safety Capsule. (If you are interested in reading it, click here.) I figured another update is over due but better late than never.

If you recall the last episode of Season One (where Janusz (and the Anecia) was declared the winner), it was announced that the Evenflo Company was to partner with Janusz to help Janusz bring the Anecia to market. So, I contacted the Evenflo people for another update. This is what a senior representative at Evenflo had to say:

"When Evenflo entered into a partnership with ABC's American Inventor Season 1 winner Janusz Liberkowski last year, a commitment was made to help Janusz take his design to the next level. Evenflo pledged to take the lead in engineering his prototype with the goal of taking the safety seat through a rigorous development and testing process to improve the original concept.

Evenflo delivered its commitment. Over the last year, the company has worked closely with Janusz to create several variations of the Anecia concept, and to conduct a series of crash test experiments at its sled test facility.

ANECIAAt this point, it has been mutually agreed that Janusz will be continuing development of the Anecia Capsule car seat with an outside design firm."

So it looks like Janusz is no longer working with Evenflo to develope the Anecia. My guess is it was taking too much money to complete development of it. Bottom line, it looks like it's not coming on the market anytime soon.

If anyone knows anything more about the Anecia, please feel free to contact me or post their comment here.

I'll see you all back here on Wednesday night for Episode 202 of American Inventor. 

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Jun 13, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Janusz does not have any

Janusz does not have any experience in design. American Inventor is not what
it claims to be.

I attended the audit in New York and I was surprised to find out that
American Inventor organizers were not looking for good inventions. The
"judge" (25 year old aspiring actress?) who audited me (with the other
"judge" who did not say anything) said: "Your invention is very interesting,
but this is not what we want to show." She asked me what was my profession
and if I had filed a patent application. This judge apparently did not to
allow any engineer to pass to the next level judges.

I realized that you need participants with a crazy and funny look, people
who will come blowing bubbles from the nose and releasing smoke from their
ears, because this is funny and this will give the show high rating. Maybe,
but for how long?

Thousands of people believing that you are looking for invention that will
be widely used in the USA have been defrauded. We waited 8 hours outside in
heavy rain, without toilet and another 6 hours inside to find out that they
do not need inventions. We disclosed to ABC tens of pages of confidential
information giving up our privacy (in my case you get the Provisional Patent
It looks that the show will not be able to find any real invention and will
be as big failure as was "Who wants to Marry a Millionaire." Janusz
Liberkowski, the last year winner (and the only participant with an
interesting idea), never tested his invention with a real child. He had a
good idea but forgot to provide a cover (without a cover the child’s
limbs could be amputated during an accident) and the size of the seat will
not allow it to be installed in a car. I do not believe that you will be
able to show him as somebody who is successful on the market
I believe that sooner or later an attorney will file a class action lawsuit
against ABC in behalf of the audited participants who have been fooled.

I have two inventions, one of them a real "killer".

Jun 19, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

I n the wrong spot Tampa

I was at Tampa too! Thay can do what they want as indicated in rules at their descetion. But, if It is in writing that no computer pogram software is allowed, they can be held liable since they allowed it and it also won (paper racers). I would think the other winner would also be disqualified since it's already patented (tree angel). Post these comments however in the Forum.

Jun 26, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)


I find this webpage, and now see CD dude is spamming Craig's List with his crap not 10 minutes later. 

Jul 25, 2007
by Jared (not verified)

I agree about what the first

I agree about what the first "Anonymous" said, although I am worried that he called his invention a real killer. This show has the worst turnover ratio in the auditions. Also, they boast that "It was one of the 10 inventions out of the field of 10,000," but if you never get in front of the judges, it doesn't matter. Yours could easily be better. So, note for next time, bring a 7-year old, toothless, Charlie Bucket-looking kid and say that he invented it and you're his "guardian." Also bring your life partner, liberal ABC eats that up. You will get the audition you request. And if you ever do check up on your post, may I ask, what were your inventions, anyway?

For the man whose blog this is, I was wondering: What ever happened to the USA Network show "Made in the USA"? It was the precursor to this show, except it had teams and weekly challenges. I know the show was pulled from the air and the series ended with a series of webisodes, but who won? And what happened with their inventions?

Jul 25, 2007
by RondaLee Pardee (not verified)

American Inventor

I expected the 1st show of the season to update us from last year. I thought many of the things not in the top 6 had potential. Not doing an update, showing at least one story of a product now available for sale say's "Why are we watching season 2." Obviously the show did not have any great stories of success to share. And then this year, they pick an under the counter wrap dispenser? I have one under my counter, it holds 3 rolls. I got it 4 years ago at Goodwill. My Mom has a wall mounted, holds paper towels and 2 rolls of wrap,  plus it has a miniature hutch and a knick knack shelf to boot. got it on ebay, $14.99.   If not for the Fireman, with his guardian Angel, I'd quit watching the show.

Aug 20, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

2007 american inventor

what I find interesting with the 2007 winner is that the judges high end bussiness personel. forgot to ask what would their liability if the tree angel didn't work. That if people lost there life depending on it. And who would be resonsable for the lost???

Aug 31, 2007
by lil juice box (not verified)

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Feb 26, 2008
by Anonymous (not verified)

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Apr 24, 2008
by Anonymous

Anecia was also his

Anecia was also his daughter's name

Nov 15, 2008
by Anonymous

Bouncy Techno

So the show was dung?