Update: The N+EW Now Comes With Lights and More

Chilean graphic designer, Rodrigo Alonso Schramm has done it again and again.

I first wrote about Mr. Alonso and his green design in March of 2007.  A year and many months later he continues his eco-efforts with green design making and recreating ewaste in a very unique way. How? He takes ewaste and then finds new artistic ways to reuse it. It's really quiet remarkable what he does with trash, art and technology combined.










Take the N+EW for example. The word N+EW stands for "no more electric waste" and is a concept Mr. Alonso came up with in an effort to help reduce landfill ewaste. In keeping to this concept he created a seat made entirely of ewaste. Today, he not only has this seat design in his collection, but he has innovated the design and added light and changed the shape to it, He calls this product the N+EW Light.

As wonderful as this idea is I wonder if he could take it one more step and attach solar panels to his N+EW Light. It is just a thought but I imagine it would make his ewaste sculptures all the more environmentally friendly as well as make them more accessible for outside use.













Last but not least, he has released a new product called Blightster. The name is kind of weird. I'm not sure where it comes from, but the idea is useful and appears to be money saving as well as eco-friendly. Blightster is a redesign and reuse of a packaging container known as thermoforming. These packaging materials are usually thrown away once opened, but Mr. Alonso has found a way to create this waste into decorative lamps. You will notice that the lighting comes packaged inside. When opened the light inside is attached to the outside connection of the package. This forms the decorative lamp. To find out more about it visit his website .

Via Rodrigo Alonso Schramm