UpdateMe Tee: Become A Walking Facebook Status

With the increasing popularity of Facebook, it seems like everyone is taking the opportunity to annouce what they're doing or how they're feeling by way of a status at every opportunity. You may roll your eyes when you see a pronouncement that one of your friends is changing a diaper or cleaning a toilet, but you know you do it too! Now, you can share your status with others even when they're not logged into Facebook!

UpdateMeTees are designed to allow you to share your status everywhere you go. The designers understand that a a society we have a grave addiction to Facebook, and just can't stand to think that people may not know what are on our minds at all times. The tee has a graphic setup just like a Facebook status, and the actual status part has an area with a miniature dry erase board. They include markers so there's nothing holding you back from telling all your secrets to the world. This is the perfect holiday gift for the true Facebook addict. We might not all be there yet, but it's only a matter of time. 

I'll just put it out there now, yes, I am a Facebook addict - find my page under WriteSourcing!

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Nov 13, 2010
by Anonymous


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