Uplifting Drives: The Top 10 Cars On Poles

Mounting cars and trucks on tall polls was once a popular way to advertise a business. Times have changed, however, and antique vehicles are gaining value while rust never sleeps. These 10 sky-high automobiles showcase the best examples of a fading trend. 

MADD At Murphy

Advertise a liquor store with a car? What was SOP over a half-century ago would certainly raise a few eyebrows today. Crosley Motors sold nearly 25,000 vehicles like this CC Coupe in 1948 and the one above, located in Chickasha, OK has weathered the decades remarkably well. (car-on-a-pole image via Debra Jane Seltzer

Yellow Fever

This screaming yellow Chevy Monza 2+2 is mounted outside a used car dealership in Sandusky, OH. Sold from 1974 through 1980, the Monza was based on the Chevrolet Vega and was replaced by the Chevy Cavalier... no wonder it's impaled on a pole. (car-on-a-pole image via Scottamus)

Juvenile Deniliquins

Live from Deniliquin “the Ute Capital of the World” Australia, it's a ute on a stick! The skewered El Camino-like vehicle above raises awareness of the world-famous “Deniliquin Ute Muster” that has broken records for the number of utes in one location since 1999. Did we say “utes”? Yes, yes we did! (car-on-a-pole image via randomindiekid)

Fintastic Voyage

Wow, any more fins and this vintage pink '59 Cadillac could fly away on its own. Restoring a convertible that's been exposed to the elements for what must be several decades is a challenge to be sure; then again they're not building any more iconic 1959 Caddies. (car-on-a-pole image via Gitwithit)   

Fire Good!

Here's a well-preserved mounted fire truck advertising the “Museum of Fire” in New South Wales, Australia. Should arson or accident result in the place becoming the Museum ON Fire, this snazzy relic is conveniently located. (car-on-a-pole image via OZinOH)

Deceptive Benz

You don't often see a Mercedes Benz stuck on top of a pole but the Ritzy Car Wash in Canton, Ohio's got one and it sure looks clean! A closer look (don't try this at home, kids) reveals the presence of a pretty mannequin behind the wheel... at least we THINK it's a mannequin. (car-on-a-pole image via Scottamus

Let Me Down & Wind Me Up

From the pink mid-sixties Sedan de Ville to the checkered pole to the whitewashed roadside liquor store, everything in Don Hudson's spectacular shot of Flagler, CO looks squeaky-clean and sparkling new! Hmm, wonder how far the pink Caddy'll go once it's de-poled and wound up? (car-on-a-pole image via Don Hudson)

Snoozin' At NAPA

This mid-fifties sedan alerts passersby to the NAPA Auto Parts store in Lindsay, California. From the looks of it, it wouldn't take too many of those parts to get the fab four-door back on the street. (car-on-a-pole image via Robby Virus)  

Like A Rock

Patriot Auto Sales may have moved but the sharp '55 Chevy hardtop coupe advertising the firm remains firmly affixed to its sturdy support. Two-toned beauties like this one command mucho moola in prime condition so the Springfield, IL landmark might escape its lofty perch sometime soon. (car-on-a-pole image above via Myoldpostcards)

Jeep Thrills

OK, so Jeeps are famous for their off-road prowess but this is taking things to a higher level – literally. You might have noticed the Jeep is new... well, so's the pole it's mounted on AND it's designed to rotate at one revolution per minute. Good to know the time-honored practice of mounting cars on poles hasn't completely died out! (car-on-a-pole image via Car Advice, at top via Pete Zarria)