Upper Body Aerobic Exerciser

Exercise equipment truly does come in all shapes and sizes. The latest example that I've come across is this Upper Body Aerobic Exerciser. Fittingly designed to deliver aerobic exercise to your upper body, the device includes two spinning discs and two grips. Basically you just hold the grips and spin it around as if you're doing the....--or punching a speed bag. The discs spin freely thanks to Teflon bearings inside. 


According to its product description, the exerciser will help you with strength and endurance, and, of course, helps you burn off some of the calories from your donuts topped with bacon breakfast.  The device can also be used while reclining to work your abs. A piece of exercise gear that can be used while I'm sitting in a La-Z Boy watching TV? Count me in. 

If your New Year's resolution includes anything about cutting out some of those processed Christmas cookies, or if you just want to stay healthy, you'll find the Upper Body Aerobic Exerciser at Hammacher for $130.