Upsee, A Walking Device For Paralyzed Kids Invented By A Common Mom

Debby Elnatan is the name of this mother. When she was told about her son's diagnosis, cerebral palsy which would led to his confinement on a wheelchair for the rest of his life, she refused to accept this faith and started working on something new: a device that allowed her son to stand on his legs and walk, the most normal way possible.

After a few years of development, she ended up creating the Firefly Upsee Harness, which allows her and her son to walk at the same time. It basically "straps" the child to the legs of an adult, which provides the necessary support that the affected kids lack, and they walk in unison.

This harness is attached to the supporting adult's waist, lifting the child to a standing position with the help of a smaller harness which is attached to the child's shoulders and legs. Then, shoe bindings connect both persons' feet, allowing for a unison walk.

Now, the walking device developed by this Israeli mother has been launched and has reached the market. So far, around 20 families around the world have already received Upsee and, surely, has spread many smiles and joy through them.

After searching for a company in order to start the mass-production of Upsee, Elnatan ended up choosing a company from Northern Ireland, Leckey, specialized in producing material for children with special needs. It has an estimated cost of $540 plus shipping, which is not that much in order to fulfill a dream of all the parents that want to see their children walking.