Urban Undercover: Innovative, Multifunctional Emergency Panties

You might have thought that your days of stashing emergency underwear to take with you were left behind shortly after you successfully completed potty training; or so you'd like to publicly admit. In reality, women recognize that emergencies can happen, and preparedness is key for such situations.

Making toting an emergency panty stash cool again is Urban Undercover; the makers of a discreet line of underwear for women that serves two main functions that most women are sure to appreciate.

Urban Undercover EmergenciesUrban Undercover Emergencies

Each of these functions are practical, but it's the primary one that's a bit more integral. There's a slight stigma attached to toting around spare panties past the toddler stage, even though most women have encountered a situation where they really wish they'd planned ahead.

Urban Undercover
offers a solution that allows women to pack their panties with ease. To combat the embarrassment that may result when panties come flying out of your purse when you reach for your wallet, their special design disguises the underwear so they are almost unrecognizable. They roll discreetly into a pouch, which eliminates awkward assumptions if they're spotted.

Urban Undercover PocketUrban Undercover Pocket

Their second function will make you feel like a super-spy while wearing your Urban Undercovers, and if they don't accomplish that for you (how disappointing), they will at minimum prevent you from having to carry a purse. That's because a small pocket is sewn into the back of the underwear, giving you a spot to stash your lip gloss, identification, tampons, or whatever floats your boat!

 With both features discretion is obtained, and you may feel like your old Calvins are letting you down since they don't accomplish nearly as much. So, it can probably be said that Urban Undercover is ruining underwear for everyone else, but you know, in a good way, by setting the bar high.

Via: KickStarter (click to see their campaign that ends in 4 days)