Urban Amusement Park Entertainment Experience at 5-W!ts

In the heart of Boston is an entertainment experience unlike any other; it's a thrilling ride that's interactive, entertaining, and at times rather terrifying. Read on to learn about the urban amusement park entertainment experience at 5-W!ts.

5-W!ts is an elaborate setup that's part show, part interactive adventure experience where players navigate through in order to effect the outcome. It's kind of "Choose Your Own Adventure" meets over the top haunted house which visitors engage in for 40-minutes. As soon as visitors step into 5-W!ts they feel like they've stepped out of the streets of Boston and entered the tombs of Egypt with an elaborate rendition of an Egyptian archeological dig site.

Visitors to the entertainment show, entitled TOMB, are placed in groups of 2-15 people and accompanied by a guide where they have to navigate their way to the ancient Egyptian burial chamber. The tale unfolds depending on how well the group is able to solve and navigate the paths and challenges encountered along the way; and some don't suffer the most pleasant fate, suffering a death reenactment scene if they make the wrong choice.

5-W!ts has received rave reviews for its first show TOMB, which incorporates movie style special effects that make visitors feel like they're actors in Indiana Jones or the Relic Hunter. Rates for this unique urban amusement park only run for $14-$20 USD depending upon show times.

Via: Springwise