Urban Delivery Services Could Be Aided By New CarGo

The recent drive to find a more efficient means of urban delivery has spawned many interesting and sometimes awful concept vehicles. While most are practical and affordable, very few will ever get a shot a production. A recent design, aptly named the CarGo, could be one of these new concepts that will actually see production.

Designed by Adam Schacter, the CarGo is a small, one-seat delivery truck that offers the maneuverability of a motorcycle with the cargo capacity of a very small truck. The bed in the rear of the vehicle can be configured to lay flat and provide a small surface area to stack lighter packages. If the need arises, the side rails can be folded up and around to completely enclose the rear cargo area, offering van-like protection for your shipment.

Power for the CarGo is provided via a lithium ion battery stack. From the images, it looks as though each wheel will house a small electric motor to provide power evenly to all 4 corners. To help the CarGo fit into the smallest of spaces, each wheel is able to retract inward, decreasing the width of the vehicle. The CarGo is also able to lean into corners, providing enhanced stability while hauling a load.

The next step will be to build a prototype, followed by testing. No plans for either have been released.