Urban Nomads Off The Beaten Path Luxury Travel Service

Many self-proclaimed world travelers may feel like they've seen it all. They've popped the cork off a bottle of champagne under the Eiffel Tower, taken a gondola ride in Rome and ridden a Tuktuk in Thailand. An innovative travel agency, Urbane Nomads calls themselves the "travel mixologists" and prides themselves on providing vacations off the beaten paths, away from the over-hyped tourist destinations around the world.

Like many other travel agencies, Urbane Nomads does provide themed vacations, with categories including Sports & Adventure, Culture/Literary, Relaxation, Romance/Ritual. Their categories of vacation plans do outline suggestions, which are unique in themselves; but they will also setup just about any vacation you'd like.

How about a culturally rich salsa inspired trip to Buenos Aires or San Telmo with private dance lessons at the hottest Latin hotels. Or a relaxing retreat to the hills of the Himalayas that requires days of travel, it's so isolated?

Urbane Nomads seems to have the connections to setup a unique, unforgettable vacations; but don't expect them to be budget-friendly during the recession. Urbane Nomads travel service is all about international luxuries.