Urban Outfitters Introduces A Custom Bike Shop

Urban Outfitters has partnered with Republic Bike to offer customized bikes in their new bike shop. Consumers can totally customize a single-speed bike online, choosing from 3 frame sizes, selecting colors for each of the components of the bike (frame, saddle, grips, chain, crank, and front and rear tires and rims). Or for those that struggle with decisions, pre-set combinations can be chosen from, or the site can be set to randomly generate color and style combinations.

Urban Outfitters Bike ShopUrban Outfitters Bike Shop

 Urban Outfitters is already making waves in the fashion world with its simple styles that also happen to abide by strict standards when it comes to the environment and human welfare, but as bikes become increasingly trendy in style and eco-friendly transportation, they're capturing a whole new market. Pat yourself on the back Urban Outfitters, it's a great business move for a number of reasons; one being that now your follower fashionistas can finally customize their wheels to match their favorite outfit!

Urban Outfitters BicycleUrban Outfitters Bicycle

Aug 24, 2009
by Anonymous

Customization is Cool

It's great that you can order an affordable, customized bike!