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Urban Outfitters Mood Lipstick: Cosmetics With A Little Personality!

Sometimes you might just feel like screaming your mood from the rooftops, and there are probably times when you do. Urban Outfitters has come up with a slightly more appropriate option for you to share how you're feeling without sharing or screaming it!

Urban Outfitters' Mood Lipstick comes with a color for every shade of your personality. The colors do look to be a bit bold and scary, but in reality they all go on as a sheer different shade of pink. The coolest part, however, is the mood associations. The lipsticks come in Temper, Melancholy, Clarity, Vain and Lust.

Via: Refinery29

Feb 9, 2012
by louiserobort

Completely impressed with

Completely impressed with this gorgeous collection of mood lipsticks contains  variety of unique colors and branded features which helps to keep natural beauty of lips. For getting decent with most attractive appearance, now i have strong interest to enjoy such collection frequently. Most effective way to promote for achieving goals.

Apr 19, 2012
by joysicaarobort

Mood lipstick help to

Mood lipstick help to enhance one's beauty by changing mood through its natural and lip boosting features.Depending on our mood,Such lip beauty products will be changing their color and providing a perfect look for a women.Fabulous addition to beauty product reviews.