Urb-E Is An E-Scooter That Folds Up

The Urb-E Electric Scooter is perfect for the trendy, start-up employee or the over-zealous college student. Designed to traverse 20+ miles on one charge, and topping out at 15 miles per hour the Urb-E goes from transportation method to rolling luggage in a few simple motions. With two models available, a three-wheeled version and a more agile two-wheeled version, will the Urb-E be right for you?

The Urb-E Commuter is the first of two models. Featuring a three wheel design, the Commuter is the "cruiser" of the two. The three wheel design allows for a smoother ride but sacrifices some of its mobility. Having three wheels also allows for extra stability, great for those high traffic areas. 

Urb-E CommuterUrb-E Commuter

The second model is called the Urb-E GP, a more agile version of the Urb-E. With its two wheel design and shorter wheel base, the GP is meant for the commuter looking for a little more excitement on their ride into work. The GP is also less stable at slower speeds due to the two wheel design, but that is to be expected. 

Urb-E GPUrb-E GP

While both models are impressive, it's their transformation abilities that make them unique and desirable. Flip a couple levers and you have an easily transportable means of transportation. What this means is that you don't have to leave your scooter attached to a bike rack or lug it through your office building or class room. Simply fold it up, and roll it behind you. 

Both models also have an attachable satchel you can buy separately that attaches to the back of the scooter. Great for when you need to transport documents, books, or anything that would normally fit into a back pack. Judging from released photos however, it seems that the satchel must be removed to fold up the scooter. A better design would have allowed for the satchel to stay attached, essentially making the scooter rolling luggage. 

Available in two styles and in a multitude of colors, the Urb-E is looking to appeal to the masses. With a release date set for Summer 2014, the Urb-E is gearing up to be a hot summer item for professionals, college students, and casual riders. Pre-order yours now over at the IndieGoGo campaign.

 Source: Urb-E