Urgent Pet Owner Warning: Pets Poisoned By Potpourri

Today's column is devoted to a very dreadful occurrence. I, and other pet bloggers, have been sent this notice by pet lovers we know... and the message has been verified. Please read on...

"We have suffered a terrible, terrible tragedy last Wed. December 3rd 2008 !!

Two beloved Cavaliers of mine, Haley and Zoe. both ate potpourri from a decorative basket in my living room . Within hours, they were vomiting it, convulsing and going into total body rigidity and shock. We took them to the after hours clinic, they had no idea what it could be and wouldn't listen to me about them vomiting potpourri at home and how I had such concerns about the toxic effects of it. They treated symptoms. We transferred them to our day vet. He also wouldn't listen to me about the potpourri theory. He said they had "strychnine" poisoning symptoms. I kept telling him that the potpourri was Made In India, sold by a company in California and sold at my local Wal-Mart.

My heart told me that it was the culprit of their condition. They declined rapidly throughout the day and we transferred them back to the after hours clinic for a second night. At midnight, I made the agonizing decision to put them to sleep.

Haley was in constant seizures that wouldn't stop, fluid was filling up in her lungs, body temp was dropping on both of them, Zoe was lying almost lifeless on the table, struggling with every breath shetook. Every muscle was completely rigid, you couldn't even move her.

I have devoted the last couple of days (now that I can get out of bed and function) to researching my concerns with the potpourri and have since found out I was right....... .....there is a lab in England that has case studies on toxic potpourri from India!! The toxin....strychnine , which in its commercial source, comes from a certain tree grown in India. I am completely heart broken over this.

Please be aware of the potential toxins in any and all stuff like this in our homes. I would've never guessed this could happen, but when I saw them both "playing" in the potpourri and then after about two hours saw the symptoms of a poisoning, I just put two and two together. Hug your babies, Love them and always take lots of photos along the way...it helps later on, trust me."

Karen Cantner, Heartland Kennels, Evansville, Indiana USA


Note: The photo above is NOT the poisonous potpourri.

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Dec 22, 2008
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
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 Thank you so much for

 Thank you so much for posting this, it is surprising and heartbreaking.

Beth Hodgson
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Dec 24, 2008
by Anonymous

Thank You

I don't keep the stuff in my house and now I never will. I about had a heart attack after I clipped my baby boy's nail to far the other night. If this happened, they'd have to lock me in the psych ward. Feel for loss Karen.