Urilift: Business Creates A Futuristic Solution To Porta-Potty Dilemmas

Porta-potties are those things that everyone has a love/hate relationship with. You sure love them when you're in the middle of nothing and really need to seek a little bit of relief, but you hate the way they look, smell and those lines that can surround them. One company is trying to address the porta-potty hatred with a unique, futuristic design.


Urilift has come up with a namesake product that solves some of the porta-potty dilemmas that so many have; primarily their ugly appearance. Urilifts are essentially fitted into the ground and are meant to be placed in the center of the entertainment district of every city. They're fairly standard portable toilets; but the main difference is that they remain below ground until they need to be submerged during events that will have people desperate for a toilet.

If only Urilift could also solve the issues with porta-potty lines and smells, then they might be the recipients of a Nobel Peace Prize for solving concert and event-goers biggest dilemmas.

Apr 16, 2010
by Anonymous

Locales for & improvements

Id base these Urilifts in these venues:
Nice Fr
Wash DC

& in all Urban locales.

& id add 4,8 modules per for Use.

& camoflouge in some creative way.

Id place them near

Subway depots
Bus depots
RR Depots
Civic Centers
Theme parks
Ball parks.

One unit can allow 8 users per.

Apr 18, 2010
by Anonymous

This is ... not exactly new.

This is ... not exactly new. We've had one of these in Durham, UK, since at least 2003. I gather it's very useful.

Apr 28, 2010
by Anonymous

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