Urine Sample Drinking Cups Put The P in Party

If you're short on drinking cups and party time comes around, well, urine luck: you can now buy authentic Japanese medical sample cups online or at selected discount stores in Japan.

Tell your guests you're simply being environmentally friendly by recycling the cups, I'm sure they'll be fine with that... maybe wait until they've drained their cups a few times first though.

The cups are sold in plastic-wrapped sets of five for 100 yen (about 95 cents) at the discount store and 150 yen (about $1.60) online. Each cup displays a medium green on white color scheme with blank spaces for the patient/guest to write their name and the date.

This is actually useful, as one can mark their drinks and/or samples, as the case may be... though you'll still want to take care not to confuse the two. No head on your beer? It might not BE beer. (via TokyoMango and Akiba Blog)

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